Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hey all,
K.Rowe here posting a torrent of photos for my final. So here you are.
Making Some Eyes and parenting them to the skeleton.
Of course aliens can fly! the robot. Apparently our aliens is still in the 70's.
Using photoshop I removed the pimple on this guys forehead ~clone tool~ gave him a weak mustash and a gohtte. Cant forget the evil cyborg eyes.
A close up of the Grey eye I did. It came out really well....
A look at the patchy facial hair. If you look very closely you will see its actually his eyebrows.....

This persons obviously thinking of summer......
The first face your greeted with when you boot up the app.
TONS! Of options -_- ayiah...
Got one of them to look...kinda like me.
"You feeling lucky...punk?!" Lol yea...This program is pretty fun.

Ok. Thats it for now. Catch you folks next time.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ghosts And Goblins......

Hey guys,
K.Rowe here again with another update. As previously announced I was back on track. Apart from some meetings and my Geology summer class this is still the case. By the looks of things I should be making my ~hand in~ post tomorrow! For any future members of this class reading this blog. Please note that in the *adding a skeleton* segment of the project you have to manually fix the axis when you mirror it. There is actually an option that allows you to mirror the orientation and not the function. So all you do is bend the joints into place. Ya ya..thank me later.
Here's one hand....then I messed with the mirror settings and found out I didn't need to manually edit the orientation of o...20 joints *shudder*.
To the left is the mirror technique I was talking about...see all I did was rotate!

The birth of a spinal cord! Pre-Meds eat your hearts out.

The Modeling Process...its allot more fun that it looks.

Adding joints.

Just naming layers.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

You See, Only What I Want You To See.

K.Rowe here once again,
I did a bit of searching and it turns out I have an Americas Army Account dating back to 2004....its actually my second. The other one got suspended after I hacked the notepad file they use to track your off line stats with to unlock the super sniper thingy; ok more like just edited than hacked....I was young and I needed that sniper rifle. Regardless this one has the basic training already completed so, thats another chunk of H/W done. Right now all I have to do is download the EXE. Install it and I will be good to go. As I type it's in my B.T qeue and probably pushing me closer to the edge of comcast's bandwidth allotment tolerance.

On The Road Again...

Greetings guys,
K.Rowe here with a bit of an update. After about a week or two of trolling I am finally back up to speed with my projects. Speaking of which, Gallo if your reading this I got your voice mail. Kudos go out to both Aaron and Dr.Nick; I finally started my modeling in Maya and I'm absolutely loving it. Granted..I'm not the most creative person in the world, but I am having allot of fun. It felt really cool to be making something with software this ~complicated~. Bet your last hay penny that I will be bragging to my friends for a long time. The videos on Dr.Nick's site really helped, and I had to employ a dual monitor display in order to work and listen at the same time. But it worked out really well. Hopefully I can have all my work done by Wednesday moving at the rate I currently am, even before. Thanks allot for the extension Prof, it wont be given in vain. P.S I managed to register for the conference on the 17th I believe it was. So if nothing comes up I will be down there. I will try to get pictures and S.W.A.G to share online and with the class.

Kudos- cool points.
S.W.A.G- Stuff we all get ~in reference to free stuff you usually get at trade shows and the like.