Monday, February 22, 2010

Making kids.... In Open Sim.

Hey All, Monday update,

I got tasked with creating a few child like avatars for OS, only snag I've ran into is the client server not wanting to save everything at once...but the basic inventory slots have been created, now to refine.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Emergency update, Ver 1.0

These clouds are getting me down.....

For the past few days my avatar has been a puff of smoke, this wouldn't be a problem; except for the fact that I've been tasked with avatar creation for Tuesdays meeting.

+ Kamal - create young boy and young girl avatar bodies and clothing.
+ - Join the OpenSimulator community

I went ahead and contacted Richard, here's to hoping for a speedy resolution before I get swamped by homework for my other classes.

Good news, I managed to fix my cloud issue. Avatar building is a go!

Bio Dome, Summon The Children!, Rainforests?

Thus far I've been working on building and texturing various objects for Open Sim that can be easily attached to avatars as a form of customization. Texturing complex geometry in SL/OS is, well.. not fun, and certainly not easy as dropping a texture on a simple wall or object. Avatar texturing requires the use of templates that map to the avatars body surfaces. I've obtained these templates and use them in Photoshop to generate the textures I need, then import them into OS. Fortunately, if there's anything that you can obtain tutorials for, it's creating clothing in second life.

Here's a look at using templates to create textures.

Progress on this project is going well, and I should have a complete space suit available soon. Here's a look at some beta clothing pieces, they are still tagged as objects, but that should be fine.

As far as the bio-dome goes, it looks like emails are being exchanged and I'm waiting for the link and foliage packs to show up in my inventory so that we can start cracking. The rainforest/blue crap project seems to be another area of communication break down. We were asked to work on it but as of this moment Isaac seems to be the only person who has been granted access to the prims for the project; as such I chose to continue my avatar work which turned into building child avatars for next meeting. I've already sent out an email on the open sim group but will be building on my own until I hear back from someone.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Systems Are 100% Operational...

Hello world... After many months I am back on blogger and this time to track yet another project, and maybe to even just casually blog about a thing or two. This is just an initial post to get the ball rolling... I've got homework to get back to. <- Amazing stuff...current band of the day.