Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Night Fever!

Hey all,
Tonight was out first day in SL and it was a pretty great experience. I was very happy to see everyone got online and customized their character a little. Ive had a few issues as far as vista goes..and I'm not as awake as I'd like to be, but I'm hanging in there.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Semester, New Rig!

Time is a cruel mistress that waits for no one, beckons everyones attention and then mocks you. To think just a few weeks ago it was the beginning of summer, and now it's already fall. The summer wasn't a total bust a few new friends, got a sweet new job, riced a few foo's and had an all around good time. However with the new semester approaching and the move into the new house coming up I'm being forced to upgrade some junk and budget like crazy. So before I pay for parking and all that jazz I dropped a few bills into my rig to bring it up to date.

Here is a pic of whats in there thus far ~excuse the cable management...~

The specs are decent...and I over clocked a few components to make up for the lack in cash.
Its a Q6600 running at 3.3 Ghz ontop of an IP35 pro mother board.
The 2 gigs of OCZ ram is currently running at 918Mhz at 4,4,4,15 at 2.25 volts.
The video card is a HD 2900XT running at stock speeds.
Sadly I am using vista and it has proven to be headache after headache...After much comprimising it's all finnaly stable and tooting away.
Storage devices are 1X150 raptor ~mmm fast~
2X160 gig ~for bittorrent and other hd killing applications~
1X500 gig WD, for mah media...lots of media...
1X250 gig external. Keeps my norton ghost image nice and toasty.

It all gets displayed on my 19 inch samsung...~not the biggest but meh~ and my new MX 3200 logi combo works very well. When projects roll around I usually kick stuff onto my second display.

But that Im on this tight budget I believe I wont be touching this rig for a while...and with independent studies and projects looming I cant risk adding hardware that would crash the dam thing either... And yes...I am a techy...nothing else to waste money on...

This may be my last note for a while seeing as how I don't come on here very often and I'm going to be busy as heck...

P.S....this is one of my fav case picks....