Wednesday, August 1, 2007

UTMOD Manual

How To Install
This ZIP file contains the PresentsUT2004V22 folder. Maintian its folder
structure and extract it to your UT 2004 folder.

Add the following line to the [Editor.EditorEngine] section of your
UT2004.INI file.


After you add the line above to your UT2004.INI file, you can build
PresentsUT2004V22 from a MS DOS Command Prompt with the following steps.

After that step has been completed hold both the Windows flag key and the R key to open up the RUN box. Inside this box type CMD.

Now that CMD Prompt is running we need to have UCC find and install our new object. The following command may differ depending on where you have chosen to install your copy of Unreal. The default instillation folder is C:\UT2004.
Type the following command into the CMD window.
C:\UT2004\System\UCC.exe make

Here is what the folder should look like.

Where to find your unreal ini and what to do with it.
How to use the mod.
Run UT, start a death match and simply activate the mutator.

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