Sunday, March 25, 2007

Get Your Face In The Game

So far so good,

Here is a brief screen shot. So far the portrait creation went well, I will share my results with Greg.
P.S I have no idea why his pic is in black and white. I will redo his portrait in photo-shop.



Thanks to Greg G we managed to find out how to access character portraits in unreal. Right now I'm simply going to use photo-shop to resize the images and do a test conversion. If this works when ever we talk in unreal, our actually photos should show up. Sweet eh?

Flu&Cold Season


It's now 8:42 am on Sunday March 25th. Day four in the battle of me vs the flu. The sneaky little bugger played dead on Saturday so I went to work for a closing shift. Only to wake up today completely sacked. This week was a complete bust as far as getting anything accomplished due, there's homework pilled up every where and its going to take some doing to get everything accomplished. This week how ever I'm going to be going through Maya and the class project with a few people in the group. With all of us on board the good ship sink should be able to lumber its way onwards.

In project related news. I managed to get Maya up and running in a dual core environment, for some reason it liked to crash after a few minutes of use. Now thats out of the way and I'm also pleased to announce that duplication and rotation has saved the day once more in Unreal Ed. Later today I will be able to speak to Prof' Walsh to see how far behind I am.
Until next time take care.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ole Yeller

Evening, or rather morning all.
Kamal here with some sad news. After many many months of faith full service, im putting windows down. No no silly im not going to Linux ~take that open source!~ Im going to restore my PC to an O.E.M state. Pain in the butt I know but it's been acting really funny since the OC and the reg tweaks. Every few months I say the same thing, "let me restore it and never mess with the non-essential settings again." How ever with Media center and the abundant extra .dills and reg files make it almost impossible to not iff something up. Xp pro, or 64 bit would of been a much better choice but the 140 has already been paid. No worries how ever Im fully backed up and ready to go, this blackout should last 3-6 hours tops. How ever, if you don't see a post by then call the cops! No No..I Kid, wait another 3-6 hours...then call the cops. Time to take this partition out back and cut er lose. Better bring Dick Chaney along in case I don't have what it takes. Until later, take it easy.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

SpringBreak!..I Mean Midterms....

Greetings all,

Kamal here with my midterm uploads. The week was a bit crazy and I was heavily distracted, hopefully I can regain my composure and kick more tush in the days to come.
Here's my only Maya file, don't panic! I'm doing vtm's as we speak and I hope to have dome done before the week ends.
Maya file-save on your pc, then open with Maya.

Unreal videos, not quite machinima...but they are dam cool, and dam big. Download if you dare.
Video One-Small
Video Two-Is rather Big, Ill try to upload later.
Last but not least, unreal maps!
Tutorial Level
BC Map

On a completely unrelated note, my Bday was last week, I'm officially an old man but I did mange to get myself a neat little present.
Built a new rig around the Antec 900 case, for any of you gamers out there you should be jealous! And for good reason, I leave you with images.

It was indeed a nice build, kept me busy for a few getting everything right. Now I know what your thinking, "what a geek" I would of had a party, but all my friends were away on spring break, had a little get together but xxx bucks on a build dosen't seem too bad. I'm kinda going to hate lugging it to class.....