Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lazy Wednesday?

The Following Takes Place Between 1pm and 2pm........

Our recent weather has taken its toll, I woke up this morning, after falling asleep watching training modules last night with a fever and the urge to bring up breakfast before it could be downed. After battling my way out of bed I managed to get situated and call out of work, grab a muffin and get started on the day. With a list of things to do in one hand, and a half mug of that fizzy cold stuff "in cherry flavor no less" I found that I had not yet created a blog for class, of course I could of used my MSN space...but meh..
So here I am, and here it is, my new blog for this semesters class. Perhaps sometime later I will quit fragging ~noobs~ new'b's (new players, or a player lacking in skill and or maturity)in unreal long enough to take some screen shots and put them up. Until then I bid thee farewell.

Feel free to join me next time, same bat time, same bat channel.